Scam Alert


Scam Alert

Over the past few months, Mosaic has received several reports of scammers impersonating Mosaic salespeople in order to defraud potential Mosaic customers.  Under the names of real Mosaic salespeople, the scammers have created several fake websites, sent emails, and placed phone calls soliciting orders around the world for various fertilizer products.  The scammers have provided unsuspecting targets of these scams with photographs of what they claim to be products waiting to be shipped.  They have asked targets to sign fake contract documents that might look authentic to someone not used to Mosaic’s forms and procedures.  Victims have wired money to the scammers and contacted us when the products they ordered from the scammer did not arrive.   

Here are a few tips to identify and avoid imposters:  

  • Scammers may try to trick you by creating websites that look like genuine Mosaic pages, but in fact provide numbers, email addresses or other contact information that connect targets with malicious parties attempting to steal their money or information.  
  • An authorized Mosaic salesperson will have an email address ending in  An email from any similar, but non-identical, domain likely is an imposter attempting to defraud you.  
  • Similarly, be suspicious of the use of WhatsApp and other third-party messaging apps to communicate with a Mosaic salesperson.  While some Mosaic salespeople may use these channels in certain markets and regions, scammers also rely on these channels to hide their identity and activities.   
  • If you have any doubt about the authenticity of someone claiming to be with Mosaic and asking you for payment, we recommend that you contact us to confirm the identity and authority of the person with whom you have been communicating. 
  • You can also locate a retailer in North America here, or in South America here

If you believe you have been the victim of a scam or attempted scam, please contact us to tell us about your experience.  The information you provide may be shared with law enforcement to aid in the investigation and prosecution of those responsible for these scams.  

If you believe you may have already provided personal, financial, proprietary or otherwise confidential information to a scammer, please also consider contacting local law enforcement for assistance.