Long-term Performance

Long-term Performance

Rising to the Challenge, Building Core Strengths


Expectations of business are changing, and we are rising to the challenge. Over the past several years, Mosaic has made significant progress to build our core strengths – lowering costs, improving productivity, and leveraging innovation in new and different ways. Moving forward, we believe that Mosaic has the potential to be the most competitive, resilient, profitable – and responsible – company in our space.  

Using a value first mindset, we define success broadly: as our ability to deliver meaningful value, financial and otherwise, to diverse stakeholders around the globe. In practical terms, that means creating a workplace and culture that puts safety first; ensuring that we take career and skill growth seriously; inspiring our colleagues to be their best; providing high quality, effective and competitive products; demonstrating our company as a trustworthy and loyal business partner; living our commitment to be good environmental stewards; and contributing to the vitality of the communities where we operate. Our goal is to run the business in a way that balances short-term needs of stakeholders with the ability to deliver the value they expect in the long-term. With these elements in place, we will perform better for all our stakeholders, including shareholders and owners. 

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Our Management Approach

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esg performance targets

Our 2025 ESG Performance Targets chevron

Our sustainability journey continues, and our 2025 targets are representative of where we're headed over the next several years. These targets will guide our efforts as we hold ourselves accountable to measurable progress. We're proud to be a responsible company and a global industry leader in this space.