Our Management Approach

Our Management Approach

Mosaic’s Management Approach is Guided from the Top to the Frontline


Mosaic’s mission is to Help the World Grow the Food it Needs – and our ESG strategy and management approach reflect our intentions to minimize our negative impact and maximize our positive impact on society. Responsibility for governance of ESG issues and programs is shared by many at Mosaic. Our Board of Directors, senior leadership and management teams promote Mosaic’s principles of responsibility, innovation, collaboration and drive to succeed. It is the Board’s, namely the the Environmental Health, Safety and Sustainable Development Committee, and management’s collective responsibility to monitor our performance and progress toward companywide targets. Compensation is tied to Responsibility through a management system effectiveness measure, the elements of which promote environmental, health, safety, and sustainability behaviors and objectives.

Aside from the colleagues who guide Mosaic’s ESG strategy, we rely on our workforce of more than 13,000 to complete the day-to-day work that drives our progress. This imbedded approach means that everyone – from dragline operators and engineers to administrative professionals and accountants – has responsibility for sustainability at Mosaic.

Our sustainability achievements are the result of committed, engaged and progressive leadership on sustainability issues. Here are some highlights of the initiatives and commitments that underpin and guide our decision-making.

  • We issued Climate, Deforestation, Water Stewardship and Human Rights Policies help ensure that our employees and external stakeholders understand our contributions and positions on a variety of salient issues.
  • We practice transparency and integrity through voluntary reporting initiatives and engagements. Since 2013, we have been a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact. We issue a sustainability disclosure to inform stakeholders of our annual performance results.
  • We are actively engaged in cross-sector forums to share best practices, progress our thinking and drive excellence in our operations.
esg performance targets

Our 2025 ESG Performance Targets chevron

Our sustainability journey continues, and our 2025 targets are representative of where we're headed over the next several years. These targets will guide our efforts as we hold ourselves accountable to measurable progress. We're proud to be a responsible company and a global industry leader in this space.