Anthony Sparvier

Anthony Sparvier


How is Mosaic enabling technology and encouraging innovation in your daily work?
The Automation Team was really formed for innovation. The team was primarily tasked with research and development projects, specifically autonomous steering of our 4-rotor mining machines and automating conveyor belt installation. By automating the miners and the conveyor belt assembly, you remove the need to have employees in positions of risk. I am happy to say that we have accomplished the goals we set out to achieve in both projects, along with a few others that have given more control and autonomy to our mining operation in Esterhazy. What we’ve developed is changing the way we mine. In 2019, our group got smaller and moved to the new K3 site in Esterhazy. We shifted from a primarily R&D group, to commissioning and maintenance at K3. We have been tasked with helping to commission the miners being built and the associated mining equipment.

The biggest thing that made that possible was leadership support. They supported building a team of subject matter experts that would work collaboratively with production and maintenance groups at the mine to develop something new. From the beginning, leadership knew there would be some challenges, downtime, and maybe even lost time to develop new equipment and implement new processes. But we all worked together to make sure that we were able to get back to operations quickly. Removing the pressure or anxiety of failure really fostered the ability to be innovative and create something new to better the company and the employees. 

What’s the best part of the work you do?
Working with my coworkers is the best part of my work. Whether it is other engineers, automation specialists, electricians, mechanics, operators, and managers, we all work together to identify and solve problems that come up. It is a great feeling to understand a problem or issue we are having, brainstorm a solution and implement that solution in a safe and timely matter. I work with a group of highly specialized people, so when we get stumped on an issue, it’s rare; but it is rewarding to be able to come to work and create solutions to overcome challenges with the team.    

How does Mosaic’s commitment to safety play into your day?
My role is very reflective of Mosaic’s commitment to safety. The Automation Team was formed to innovate new equipment and processes. The output of our group has led to a safer work environment by reducing unnecessary risk. 

What does ‘responsibility’ look like at Mosaic?
Responsibility is about being accountable. I come to work every day to do the best I can, but I'm mindful about everyone’s safety, how my work impacts our operations, and that we are all watching out for each other. I’m accountable to each and every coworker, and that’s being responsible. 

Mosaic has also created environmental, social, and governance (ESG) targets. Saying you are going to do something is okay but having a plan with progress points is being accountable. I am First Nation and grew up on Cowesses FN and Ochapowace FN, which are near Esterhazy. Increasing Indigenous representation within the company is a great thing to see. I believe having a diverse workforce allows for different perspectives to help solve for the challenges we face. It is also an opportunity to learn from others and can only make us stronger as a company. 

In addition to increasing diversity at Mosaic, the ESG targets impact my home life too. My family and I are more conscientious of water consumption and unneeded energy usage. Mosaic making a commitment to better our environment is having a much broader impact – not only at the company but for each of its employees to think about how we can contribute too.

Is there anything else interesting about yourself, your work or Mosaic that you’d like to share or add?
Mosaic is a great place to work. As an employee you are not left on your own or left hanging. If you need to talk to someone about your work, there is always someone to talk to about it. When I have a problem or if anyone needs a hand with something, we’re always there for each other. We’re all very collaborative and so you always feel like you have the support you need to be successful.

Anthony started at Mosaic as an Electrical Maintenance Engineer in 2012 and now works on the Automation Team in Esterhazy.