Rogério Miranda

Public Affairs

In your opinion, how important is the Inclusion and Diversity for the work we perform at Mosaic?
Diversity is critical to any company, just as it is to society. Diversity allows us to experience different perspectives than our own and provides the opportunity to learn about new things that help us become better individuals and professionals. It is important to focus on diversity, Mosaic makes it a priority which is especially important as we operate in so many different countries.

How has Mosaic provided you the tools to do your job well and safely? 
Having a disability, Mosaic has always supported me and tried to create an environment in which I felt comfortable. Accessibility has always been an open topic and easy to discuss with my team. More than that, the company has allowed me to take control of my career, given me the necessary tools to make me feel part of the team, and offered me the same opportunities as anyone else.

Rogério has worked for Mosaic for 16 years in various roles, first within the IT department, then marketing, and is currently part of the public affairs team. He graduated from Faculdade Cásper Líbero and the Universidade Anhanguera with a focus in communications and marketing.