Ashlee Harrison

Reclamation Ecologist

What does “Responsibility” look like at Mosaic?
As a reclamation ecologist, our team manages the stewardship of the land before, during and after we mine. Our goal is to reclaim and preserve the area for generations to come and walk away knowing that the years of knowledge, time, and effort invested is going to result in the natural habitat being able to sustain itself without our intervention again. Mosaic is always looking 10 steps ahead –  we have to. Mosaic knows that being sustainable is the right thing to do, that is why I love my job so much. They make it easy for me when they make reclamation a priority.

Do you think the work you do helps enable global food production?
My family was really involved in agriculture when I was growing up - we had orange groves, hay fields, and a cattle ranch. I grew up helping on our lands and using fertilizers. To be able to look back now and say, “I know where that comes from,” it makes the circle whole. I have seen what our products contribute to. I’m proud to be part of a company that not only prioritizes business, but also community support and my work in reclamation. Mosaic leads by example.

Do you work at Mosaic because the company’s mission aligns with your passion/mission?
Being raised on a ranch, it was bred in me to do something in agriculture. I didn’t know that Mosaic had anything to do with reclamation until I took an internship and learned how important it is to our industry. Mosaic is a company I can grow in. Just like reclamation, I can work my way from the ground up. I live with my husband and our children near where I was raised, and I want our children to stay and live in this community. We have areas of reclamation all around us that I worked on. To be able to say to my children that I was able to reclaim our community means a lot to me. Hopefully someone else won’t be able to notice that the land was reclaimed. But, I want my kids to know that my work is making sure that the land around us will be reclaimed for years to come and that I’m working to create something that they can enjoy and appreciate.

If you could give advice to someone looking to work at Mosaic, what would it be?
You always have support and encouragement, whether it is from your own team or the company. Everyone here works together without ego or competitiveness. I never feel alone or that I’m working on something by myself. At Mosaic, you have a team that is behind you, and that is important to me.

Originally from Hardee County, Florida, Ashlee earned her bachelor’s degree from Warner University in Biology and a master’s degree from the University of Florida in Restoration Ecology. She has worked at Mosaic since 2013.