Using Water Wisely

Using Water Wisely

March 24, 2021

Mining and fertilizer manufacturing are water intensive endeavors. Water is a valued input to food production and economic activity and many natural water ecosystems neighbor our operating footprint. For Mosaic to do its part in putting food on the global table, we must use and interact with water responsibly. 

This year’s World Water Day, which is celebrated annually on March 22, focuses on Valuing Water, a sentiment Mosaic supports. This week we’re taking water-focused action on two fronts. First, we’re celebrating new and long-time water-based partners whose impressive work is conserving water habitat, promoting nutrient stewardship and restoring watersheds in places that neighbor our operations and customer presence. Learn more about our community investments. In addition, Mosaic is launching a campaign for our operational-facing employees across North America to encourage water reduction activities to reach our goal to reduce our freshwater usage by 20% per product ton by 2025. 

Using Water Wisely

Mosaic is hosting its first Water Week, positioned to both educate and inspire employees to think differently about water in their daily work and the risks and opportunities it presents to our industry. Last year Mosaic set 13 bold ESG Performance Targets, several focused on our interactions with water. Making measurable progress will take efforts from every employee and focused investment in innovative projects. The Use Water Wisely campaign is a part of these continued efforts championed by Sustainability Leads at all of our mining and manufacturing facilities. 

Water Week will include a Virtual Water Round Table discussion for employees with internal water subject matter experts, and a compelling presentation from long-time partner, The Nature Conservancy, where they’ll hear more about a range of water-related topics like risks to industry from climate change and the importance of nutrient stewardship for farmers using fertilizer products.

This great work echoes programs that are already implemented in our South American operations at Mosaic Fertilizantes. Through the Zero Leak Program and other efforts, facilities are making progress on implementing similar innovative campaigns to educate and promote water reduction and efficiencies.

Learn more about Mosaic’s approach to Acting Responsibly and our efforts to minimize our impacts on the environment.