Tipping Our Hard Hats to Our Female Engineers

June 23, 2020
In recognition of International Women in Engineering Day (June 23), we salute our female colleagues in engineering roles across the North America Business. From our mines to our manufacturing sites and our offices in between, we tip our ‘hard hats’ to all our women engineers working and excelling in engineering roles, and for inspiring future generations of female talent to enter the profession.

“I feel proud to work with such inspiring women who are engineers, and I hope more young women continue to choose Engineering as their field of study so we continue to have a diverse talent pool for the future,” Kerrie Campbell, VP – HR, North America Operations.

Next Generation of Female Engineers

This year’s awareness day theme is “Shape the World.” Shaping our workforce with more diversity and inclusion and gender equality has and continues to be a priority for Mosaic. And it all starts with building pipelines to future generations of female talent.

The outreach by our HR Recruitment team and Mosaic contributions to support societal organizations spans far and wide. Mosaic is a long-standing supporter of Society of Women Engineers (SWE) groups at the University of Florida, University of South Florida, Louisiana State University, Penn State and University of Saskatchewan.

Noteworthy Collegiate SWE programs we proudly support:

  • University of Florida SWE’s “Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day” which welcomes middle school female students to visit the UF campus and tour various engineering labs and learn more about engineering roles.
  • iMpowered Scholarship Program at the University of Saskatchewan which provides scholarships to help more women and Indigenous students build careers in STEM related roles and pursue a career in Saskatchewan’s minerals industry.

Each year, Mosaic also offers in-house internships (co-ops) for approximately 40 chemical, mechanical, mining and electrical engineering students (males and females) from colleges listed above to provide hands-on training and help further their interests in engineering roles at Mosaic.

“Women are so important to the field of engineering, and Mosaic is extremely lucky to have many wonderful engineers who are women. Without them, we would miss out on many different ideas and the creativity that diversity of thought and perspective brings to the table,” Kerrie Campbell, VP – HR, North America Operations.