2021 Wellness Program

Our Commitment to Worker Wellness

October 11, 2021

Mosaic’s commitment to employee safety extends beyond risk reduction and physical health, we also believe it is important to manage overall wellbeing, including mental health. The Mosaic wellness program includes resources to help employees manage their physical, psychological, and financial wellness.  

Physical safety remains imperative in the work conducted at Mosaic; however, workers are also encouraged to manage their psychological health – which includes mental, emotional and social wellness. Psychological health affects how we think, feel, and act. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices. It is proven that promoting psychological health increases on the job safety, employee satisfaction, retention and productivity while reducing exhaustion, anxiety, and risk. 
Mosaic is dedicated to supporting employees in overcoming barriers that interfere with their psychological health, both at home and work. To support employees and their families with their psychological health, Mosaic provides free, confidential employee and family assistance programs throughout our North and South America operations.  

Additionally, we recently launched a psychological wellness program in Canada and are extending it throughout our North America business. The program’s mission is to provide employees with a work environment where they can achieve their optimum level of psychological wellness. The program provides training for all employees, including additional training for leadership.  

Our people, and their overall wellness and safety, will always be our highest priority. While safety starts with maintaining a safe working environment, we recognize that to be our best self, we must also look to other factors outside of work. Mosaic is dedicated to also supporting the communities where we live and work. Last year, Mosaic and The Mosaic Company Foundation partnered with Tampa Bay Thrives to help increase mental health awareness and access to services in the Tampa Bay area in Florida where we have significant operations, including our global headquarters. They recently launched a free, 24/7 chat line – Let's Talk – for residents in Hillsborough County. This is not an emergency line, but an additional resource for those in the community that might not know where to start when looking for mental health support. Plans are underway to expand this service to other areas in Tampa Bay.