Mosaic Talks Competitiveness at Canada 360 Summit

February 12, 2020
Regulatory decisions in Canada are making it increasingly difficult for potash producers operating in the country to be competitive on a global scale. Mosaic was at the table discussing the unique challenges and opportunities facing our industry at the Canadian Chamber of Commerce Canada 360 Summit last week. Karen Swager, Senior Vice President—Potash, joined senior leaders from businesses across Canada on a panel discussing Canada in a global economy.

Throughout the day-long event, panelists discussed views on keeping Canada competitive in a changing geopolitical landscape. Karen shared the advantages of Mosaic’s global footprint and the current limitations to Canada’s transportation infrastructure. With 95% of Saskatchewan potash exported, we must look to solve the lack of new infrastructure that will hinder Canada’s growth at some point.

The Potash team shared this same story at the Saskatchewan Chamber Political Forum last week in Regina, where local businesses discussed important issues that matter to them with Saskatchewan's elected officials. Mosaic is actively looking for ways to more broadly tell this story and motivate action.