Mosaic Volunteers at Broward Elementary

Mosaic Helps Broward Elementary Revitalize Gardens

September 29, 2021

Mosaic recently announced a long-term partnership with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to tackle hunger in the area by opening food pantries in our region. The first food pantry is located in Broward Elementary and will support up to 400 students and their families. While the Mosaic team was learning about the school, the staff mentioned they offer a garden club with practical agriculture classes using a butterfly and separate hydroponic garden. Unfortunately, with schools being virtual last year, the gardens were in rough shape at the start of the year. Check out this video on how Mosaic volunteers came out to help tackle hunger, and some weeds, to support this community. 

*Mosaic volunteers adhered to Hillsborough County Covid-19 safety protocols and were not in direct contact with any of the students during this event.