2021 Supply Chain

Mosaic Fertilizantes Partners with the Ethos Institute

July 7, 2021

The Mosaic Company believes that it is not only our responsibility to do better for the environment and society in the context of our own operations, but also to support our supply chain partners as they address their own impacts. Earlier this year, Mosaic Fertilizantes in South America launched a partnership with the Ethos Institute to help develop programs for Mosaic’s suppliers in Brazil that will strengthen their sustainability practices. The Ethos Institute’s mission is to help companies manage their business in a socially responsible way. The institute’s management and assessment tool, Ethos Indicators, helps to evaluate sustainability and social responsibility practices within the business, and then help identify capacity building initiatives to improve policy and processes.  

This will be a year-long capacity building program for seven Mosaic suppliers interested in implementing the recommendations from the Ethos Indicators, including funding and organizational support. “By the end of the program, we hope to be able to assure stakeholders that our suppliers are adopting Ethos sustainability indicators in key environmental, social, and governance (ESG) areas such as diversity and inclusion, health and safety, climate change, among others,” explained Antonio Meirelles, Director of Government Relations and Sustainability, Mosaic Fertilizantes. 

“By providing our suppliers with tools to implement ESG practices and improve their sustainability indicators, we are also promoting a shared vision on the values and ways of doing business that benefit our employees and the development of our communities. Seven suppliers applied to take part in the program. The indicators revealed they have the greatest improvement potential in diversity, supply chain management, and materials.”  

Focused in the areas of People, Environment, Society and Company, our ESG efforts drive performance in the areas that are most important to Mosaic and its diverse stakeholders. The partnership with the Ethos Institute in Brazil is just one way we are living our commitment to stewardship and helping to scale our progress beyond our direct operations. For information about North America’s efforts with suppliers, see our 2025 ESG Performance Targets.