Mosaic Fertilizantes Blending Facilities

October 31, 2019

Mosaic Fertilizantes’ Blending Facilities are celebrating another achievement. In October, the locations accomplished 124 records, which is more than all records achieved last year—101.

The system implemented in the raw-material unloading area is one of the initiatives driving these successive records; sharing practices among all plants has also optimized production processes, bringing more records.

“Although we are in the harvest period, when our plants in Brazil are the busiest, this result comes above our expectations; we did not imagine it would be this way,” said operational excellence coordinator Gabriel Vasconcellos.

In practice, this means that the teams are working with a strategic view of their plants and have an accurate understanding of the operations, showing the effectiveness of the new technologies and the preparedness of the teams in using these tools. “The areas are better prepared and a number of initiatives have been deployed to expand knowledge and develop the teams. We are doing better spending the same time, at the same or even lower cost. In other words, performance has improved!” concluded Gabriel.