Mosaic Fertilizantes - Additional Covid Relief

Mosaic Fertilizantes Announces Additional Donation Toward Covid-19 Relief

April 13, 2021

At Mosaic, we believe we have the opportunity – and responsibility – to maintain strong commitments to the communities where we have operations. Mosaic Fertilizantes and The Mosaic Institute in Brazil recently announced an additional donation of more than $350,000 in pandemic relief to communities in Brazil where we operate. Similar to Mosaic’s efforts made in 2020, food baskets and hygiene kits will be created and support thousands in 18 cities. These kits will include more than 220 tons of food and 5,000 medical and hygiene supply kits for local healthcare organizations.   

“We understand that it is our responsibility, as an active part of the communities where we have operations and where our employees and their families live, to help provide some relief during this extraordinary time. That is why we have carried out a study focused on the main needs of each region, to identify the essential demands and meet them in the best possible way,” explained Arthur Liacre, VP- Corporate Affairs & Sustainability and Strategy & Development Mosaic Fertilizantes Business Center.  

Last year, Mosaic Fertilizantes donated the equivalent of R$4.5 million, or more than $850,000, benefiting approximately 110,000 in more than 28 cities. Mosaic mobilized more than 250 employee volunteers to distribute food and hygiene kits to institutions and families in vulnerable situations. Mosaic acquired products to be included in kits by purchasing from small businesses in another effort to support local economies. Food baskets a variety of items including non-perishable and fresh foods to support diverse nutrients. Healthcare and hygiene kits include masks, disinfectants, sanitizer, among others item needed locally.  

“We believe that solidarity and unity are essential to face moments of crisis. We always seek to develop the regions where we operate with impactful social projects, and now is no different,” said Liacre.