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Mosaic Announces New Soil Health Agreement with Sound Agriculture

March 9, 2021
Providing advances in soil health is a natural extension of our ability to help our customers sustainably achieve their goals – now and for our collective future. Mosaic has taken another step forward in building out a soil health portfolio by entering into a strategic partnership with Sound Agriculture to develop and distribute a nutrient efficiency product. The product will leverage Sound Agriculture’s bio-inspired chemistry that activates the soil microbiome to give plants access to important nutrients and allow growers to optimize fertilizer inputs.


The co-developed product is expected to launch in the United States by 2023, before rolling out to additional markets throughout the Americas, with focus on Brazil, Argentina and Canada. Sound Agriculture will focus on manufacturing of the active ingredient and product formulation, while Mosaic will oversee field development, regulatory, sales and marketing efforts. Initially, the product will be available for use as an in-season application on corn and soybeans, with the potential to expand to additional row crops such as wheat, cotton, rice, sugarcane, coffee and others.


This agreement adds to a number of other moves in the soil health space. Sus-Terra fertilizer by Mosaic was announced last year with production beginning this month, and last December we announced an agreement with BioConsortia to collaborate on new nitrogen-fixing microbial products. Mosaic also recently completed investments in the Brazil venture capital firm, SP Ventures, and U.S.-based Lewis and Clark Ventures, and joined the Plug and Play Tech Center rounding out our global capabilities in technology scouting.

Read the full press release here.