Mosaic Water Week - $1.7M in Funding

Miski Mayo Provides Support for Community Drinking Water

May 25, 2021

The Mosaic Company’s partner in Peru, Miski Mayo, continues to contribute to the well-being of their local community. As one organization, we work to support the communities where our employees live and work.  As part of the program "Together for Sechura", Miski Mayo donated two chlorine cylinders to the Municipality of Rinconada Llícuar. The cylinders chlorinate water so it is a reliable resource for human consumption, contributing to the reduction of water-borne diseases, thus improving the quality of life for Rinconada residents.  

Roberto Campoverde, Social Management Analyst, says this donation is part of our social commitment and the sanitation plan that works in the province of Sechura and its populated centers.  
"Water is a paramount element for life, so we don't neglect these kinds of contributions that improve people's quality of life, but above all, keeps them in good health by avoiding disease," Campoverde said. 
Miski Mayo will continue these initiatives that seek to improve essential services and resources for the population and avoid widespread infections and Covid-19. 

When Mosaic acquired Vale Fertilizantes in 2017, we not only became the leading fertilizer producer and distributer in Brazil, we also became the operating partner of the Miski Mayo joint venture phosphate mining company in Peru. As part of the acquisition, Mosaic assumed 75 percent ownership of the company. Mitsui, based out of Japan, maintains ownership of the other 25 percent. Mosaic has another join venture with Ma’aden in Saudi Arabia. Both of these partnerships are key parts of our long-term phosphates rock strategy.