Honoring Veterans Day by Giving Back

November 11, 2020

Supporting our communities remains a top priority at Mosaic. The pandemic has forced us to think differently about how we support our local communities. Virtual volunteering is a great option to give back while practicing social distancing. One program that has continued and thrived during these unprecedented times is Mosaic’s partnership with American Corporate Partners (ACP).

This nonprofit organization is dedicated to helping U.S. veterans transition to the private sector through one-on-one mentoring with business leaders. With the help of corporate professionals, ACP’s mentoring program gives veterans tools to develop their careers after they leave service.

“Navigating the change from military to civilian life can be difficult, and it is important that we help veterans who have committed so much to our country as they look for and move into new career opportunities,” Sarah Sorenson, Mosaic Senior Corporate Environmental Counsel, explained on why she became a mentor last year. Mentoring a veteran throughout the pandemic, Sarah also says that the process hasn’t changed as they use video conferencing to continue their work. “If you are interested in mentoring, don’t let the time commitment dissuade you. ACP encourages you and your protégé to connect on a monthly basis, and ACP staff are available to provide support and career resources.”

Military service is not required, in fact, corporate experience and a desire to help others is all that is needed to be paired with a veteran. Mentors and veterans spend an hour a month together by phone, email or video conference over the course of a year.

Leonard Simmons, Director of Business Analytics–Mosaic, has been a mentor with ACP for the last two years but has taken part in various coaching programs for more than 20 years. “We can rarely find something as rewarding as sharing our experiences in a meaningful way to ignite relevant conversations that truly benefits someone else while growing a bit yourself,” Leonard says of the rewarding aspects of mentorship, “I would absolutely suggest participating as a mentor.” 

Want to know more? Visit to hear from Gary Doyen, Mosaic EHS Training Specialist, on his transition from military to civilian life, and why it led to volunteering.

Corporations interested in signing up to become a partner can visit or contact ACP’s Ian Weissman at or 212-752-0700.