2021 DU Overview

Helping Farmers while Conserving Wildlife with Ducks Unlimited

August 6, 2021

At Mosaic, we’ve been committed to promoting on-farm best practices that improve nutrient stewardship, conserve wildlife habitat, and help farmers stay productive and profitable. Since 2012, Mosaic has donated more than $4.3 million to Ducks Unlimited (DU) toward projects aimed at achieving these goals in the United States and Canada. 

Mosaic and The Mosaic Company Foundation first partnered with DU ten years ago by supporting a 10-year grant to restore 500 million acres of wetlands in Saskatchewan, Canada. Here’s a lookback at some of the partnership opportunities we’ve contributed to over the years. 

Seeing the value of a partnership with DU, Mosaic again answered the call to action to support wetland restoration efforts on the Sherbourne Wildlife Management Area in Louisiana in 2013. On the opposite end of the Mississippi flyway, or migratory corridor, we expanded our partnership by becoming a major sponsor of the winter wheat program in Canada. The three-year grant, completed in 2017, helped DU provide awareness of the benefits of using winter wheat. Winter wheat remains one of the highest-yielding and most profitable crops grown on the prairies, and its value as waterfowl habitat makes it one of the most conservation friendly grains.  

In 2015, Mosaic began its support of the Rice Stewardship Partnership (RSP). This public-private partnership funded program focuses on improving three of the nation's critical natural and economic resources: waterfowl, working rice lands, and water. Financial and technical assistance through the program has supported farmer adoption of 4R Nutrient Stewardship best practices - using the right source, at the right time, at the right rate and at the right place to reduce nutrient loss on fields, protecting our waterways and waterfowl. 

We are committed to working toward improved global food security and protecting critical water resources which makes Duck Unlimited an important partner for more than 10 years.