Investor Day Chapter 2

Analyst Day: Focus on South America Growth Engine

November 3, 2020

Joc O’Rourke, President and Chief Executive Officer, Corrine Ricard, Senior Vice President - Mosaic Fertilizantes, and Clint Freeland, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer,  recently participated in a virtual event where they presented the second of four strategic sessions for analysts and investors. This series is a replacement for Mosaic’s traditional analyst day and provides the investor community a deeper look into each of our six strategic priorities. The focus of the second event was “South America Growth Engine.” A replay of the webcast is available here.

The first chapter reviewed “North America Transformation” and “Drive Functional Efficiency and Collaboration,” which is still available here. The next session will be held on Dec. 10 and will focus on strategic priorities “Grow and Strengthen our Product Portfolio” and “Act Responsibly.”

“As a mission and strategy driven organization, it is important that we are all driving toward the same outcomes. Earlier this year, we introduced six refreshed strategic priorities that will set the direction for our decisions and actions over the next five years,” Joc O’Rourke explained as he introduced Corrine Ricard to provide greater insight on Mosaic’s South America Growth Engine strategic focus.

Corrine identified Mosaic Fertilizantes unique position for growth over the next five years. Brazil’s agribusiness market is currently one of the largest contributors to its GDP, representing 43% of its exports. Agribusiness in Brazil is forecasted to grow in the years ahead, with 2021 fertilizer market projecting increased demand. Brazil’s fertilizer demand is focused on potash and phosphate, which is a great fit considering Mosaic’s global assets. We produce the majority of phosphate in Brazil and have concrete plans to accelerate the growth of our distribution business while transforming production in this fast-growing market. Together these actions are projected to increase EBITDA by $250 million from our 2019 base through 2023.

To learn more, visit Mosaic’s Investor site.