Analyst Day Chapter 4

Analyst Day: Focus on Optimizing Operating Assets and Capital Management

March 17, 2021

On March 11, Joc O’Rourke, President & Chief Executive Officer, Clint Freeland, Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, and Jenny Wang, VP- Global Strategic Marketing, led the last of four virtual strategic sessions for analysts and investors. 

This series was a replacement for Mosaic’s traditional analyst day and provides a deeper look into each of our six strategic priorities. The fourth event, “Optimizing Operating Assets and Capital Management,” showcased the positive impact of Mosaic’s strategic priorities and the outcomes on the business. A replay of the webcast is available here

Joc introduced this final session by reinforcing Mosaic’s six strategic priorities provide an important framework for the company that create long-term value for our many stakeholders. “This approach to managing the business has strengthened our foundation and improved our competitiveness during the recent ag and global uncertainties,” Joc explained. “At the same time, this approach has also positioned us to accelerate our financial performance as markets improve, which I’m very pleased to say is exactly what’s happening.” Before introducing Clint, Joc reiterated that Mosaic’s performance was driven by initiatives and actions that the company can control, driving $318 million of benefits in 2020. 

The previous chapters are also available on Mosaic’s investor website. The first chapter reviewed “North America Transformation” and “Drive Functional Efficiency and Collaboration.” The second chapter highlighted the “South America Growth Engine.” The third chapter focused on the strategic priorities “Grow and Strengthen Our Product Portfolio,” and “Act Responsibly.”