2023 EHS Risk Reduction

2022 Employee Program Celebrates Innovative Solutions

April 20, 2023

Acting responsibly is one of Mosaic’s Strategic Priorities. Our approach is simple: minimize risks and impacts to people and the environment and maximize value to our diverse stakeholders. Through our Risk Reduction program, our employees help create a safer workplace and make progress on our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Performance Targets. In fact, their efforts demonstrate that acting responsibly is not just a strategic priority, it’s part of who we are.    

In 2022, employees completed more than 1,250 Risk Reduction projects adding to the over 4,050 projects that have been completed since 2019. 

Today, we celebrate three impactful projects from 2022 that are helping us achieve our goal of zero incidents. 

Innovative Risk Reduction   
Projects in this category impact entire site locations, bring new technology to Mosaic or use an existing technology in a new way, and/or projects that eliminate worker exposure and risks.  

Fospar Terminal, Brazil: Remote Thermometry System 

  Image: Before(L) and after(R)

Mosaic Fertilizantes’ imports more fertilizer than any other company in Brazil. The Fospar team took an innovative approach to prevent electric shock by introducing a remote thermometry system. Traditional means of performing thermography – a measurement of equipment heat distribution – on equipment has the potential to expose electricians to high-risk tasks which could include shock and exposure to electric arc, a high current electric discharge. With that in mind, the team implemented a remote thermometry system at the transformer connection points, connected it to a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and developed a screen to display real time equipment temperature as well as historical temperature data for monitoring. The system eliminates exposure to both shock and electric arc — ensuring our employees and electricians can safely perform maintenance — and provides greater asset availability, reduced possibilities of failure due to overheating, and eliminates the need to stop production.  

Elevating Environment  
Projects in this category include efforts to go beyond regulatory requirements toward environmental stewardship and should elevate Mosaic’s sustainability goals and ESG Performance Targets. This may include waste reduction, energy or water savings, wildlife conservation, etc.  

Mosaic Fertilizantes, Procurement, Process Quality and EHS– Recyclable Big Bags 

Mosaic is committed to reducing our impact on the environment. Our Mosaic Fertilizantes Procurement team in Brazil took a big step towards a more sustainable future by eliminating the use of packaging made from non-renewable resources. The team identified an opportunity to reprocess used packaging as raw material in the production of new packaging to create a viable alternative to the consumption of Virgin Resin. The new recycled packaging, referred to as Big Bags, is produced from polypropylene with post-consumer recycled content (PRC). The use of PCR in around 10,000 units of big bags prevents more than three tons of CO2 from being emitted per year.  

Health and Safety 
Projects in this category reduce or eliminate safety risks and worker exposure, including hand injuries – which was one of the highest recordable injuries at Mosaic.   

Uberaba Animal Feed Plant, Brazil: Robotic Cleaning of Animal Feed Reactor 

  Image: Before(L) and after(R)

 Mosaic’s Uberaba facility is the largest phosphate fertilizer plant in Latin America. The goal for this project was to eliminate the risks associated with manual cleaning of the Animal Feed Reactor with sledgehammers. The team collaborated with Mosaic’s engineering team to introduce an innovative solution to cleaning the reactor through the automatic and digital process that replicates the manual cleaning of the equipment. The automated process eliminates the need for manual cleaning, which previously consumed 180 hours per month. It also increased productivity, reduced plant shutdown times and increased production.  

Our most critical responsibilities are protecting the health and safety of our employees and being good stewards of the environment. Mosaic employees continue to demonstrate their dedication through innovative projects, like these, that are propelling us towards our 2030 ESG Performance Targets.  

Learn more about our ESG Performance Targets and our approach to worker wellness and safety.