Nicole Christiansen

Nicole Christiansen


What does “Responsibility” look like at Mosaic?
I work with a wonderful team to ensure that we are working safely and continue to ensure environmental responsibility. In our area, there is a lot of mixed opinion of our industry so it’s important for us to stay involved with the community, be transparent about our efforts to improve our environmental focus and continuously improve in our efforts. I am proud of the work that we do; the contributions we make to the agriculture industry and investments we make in our communities.

What are some of the efforts you have seen already, or are important for the company to do to attract a strong workforce wanting to work in a more innovative and technological space? 
Our recent efforts with innovation and technology have made me optimistic about the future of Mosaic. I think the technology will catapult our ability to carry out our mission in a safer, more environmentally conscious, and cost-effective manner. The technology and industry changes in the coming years are exciting. Those who are starting their careers with an interest in working at one of our sites will have a lot of opportunities and growth in an industry working with innovative technology like automation and machine learning. Efficiencies and the improvements with innovation will ensure continued opportunities at Mosaic.    

Do you feel the company has given you opportunities to grow your career at Mosaic? 
The company has encouraged my career progression and has challenged me to grow through various technical training and leadership development programs. Mosaic supported my efforts to earn my MBA and Professional Engineering Certification, and I know many other colleagues who have also pursued continuing education while employed with Mosaic. I have had opportunities in both operations and engineering, as well as in mining and in the manufacturing side where we produce our finished fertilizer products. Being able to learn the different aspects of our business has improved my perspective on Mosaic’s business strategies.

Nicole is a Sr. Manager - Process Engineering and has worked at Mosaic for more than 12 years.