Paul Gill


How does the work you do enable global food production?
At Carlsbad, we mine and process the langbeinite ore that contains potassium, magnesium and sulfur.  These three nutrients sold under Mosaic’s performance product brand name of K-Mag are used globally in crops ranging from potatoes, citrus fruit, cotton, coffee, corn and soybean.  So, it is critical for us at Carlsbad to safely and efficiently produce and supply K-Mag to our customers around the world to help them grow the crops that are vital to food production.

What are some of the efforts you have seen already, or are important for the company to do to attract a strong workforce?
A trend we see with our workforce is that they really want to work for a company that gives back to their community and makes a difference. Not only with the products we sell, but through grants, gifts and community support. I’ve had many opportunities to help community organizations through Mosaic.  Over the years, I’ve been part of volunteer opportunities that have helped provide food for families in need, built new and safe playground equipment for local schools, and increased safety by adding nonslip flooring at the local high school pool.

I’ve also been part of helping provide financial contributions. From helping non-profit groups support individuals with substance abuse addictions, to assisting an Early College High School where students can obtain an associate degree and high school diploma at the same time, Mosaic truly cares about serving communities and helping neighbors in need. It it’s inspiring to be part of company that shows they care with action.

Do you work at Mosaic because the company’s mission aligns with your passion/mission?
It did not start out that way some 30 years ago. However, very early after being hired I quickly realized that my passion in life aligned extremely well with Mosaic’s very noble mission of helping the world grow the food it needs. It is very personal for me, because my dad worked as an agronomist for Punjab Agricultural University in India. Punjab state is considered as the bread basket of India and is known for the green revolution in the 1960s that propelled India to become self-sufficient in grain production and my dad was part of that effort.

Do you feel the company has given you opportunities to grow your career at Mosaic? 
Yes, Mosaic has given me a lot of opportunities to grow my career. I started in the technical/engineering field and really enjoyed my time in those roles. Later, I was presented with opportunities in operational leadership. I have been very fortunate to grow my career in operations to become a general manager of a potash mine. I am also very pleased to share that I have been asked to mentor a few emerging leaders within Mosaic over the last five years.