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Employee Benefits

Mosaic provides employees with opportunities to enhance their personal and financial well-being. This is enabled in many ways:

Work Environment
Mosaic provides both safe working conditions and healthy workplaces where employees are treated as individuals, encouraged to share their ideas, collaborate with others and strike a good balance between work and their personal lives.

Mosaic provides competitive salaries and bonus opportunities for jobs in all disciplines and geographic markets based on company and individual performance.

Mosaic’s comprehensive set of benefits and employee options support:

  • Quality and affordable medical care for employees and their dependents
  • The maintenance of health lifestyles for employees and their dependents
  • Protection against the risk of premature death
  • Protection against the risk of lost income
  • Sufficient income for a comfortable retirement

Mosaic employees are assigned to projects or initiatives that may span many months and impact a specific function, business unit or world-wide operations. Employees who participate in these projects acquire invaluable knowledge and experience, and are often asked to lead or be a part of new projects. Mosaic regularly acknowledges the contributions of such employees and gives special recognition for their efforts.

Learning & Development
Mosaic provides employees with a variety of on the job training and assignments, feedback and coaching, as well as formal programs to build valuable knowledge, skills and abilities for continued professional success. These programs help employees hone their skills in current roles, qualify for positions in other functions or receive a higher level job. Mosaic employees can pursue either a management or professional track with continued learning supported by our global learning management system and company-paid tuition benefits.

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