5 Years in a Row: Mosaic Recognized for Environmental Performance
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5 Years in a Row: Mosaic Recognized for Environmental Performance

October 24, 2017   |   ShareThis

For the fifth consecutive year, Mosaic was recognized by the non-profit global environmental disclosure platform, CDP, for our actions to cut greenhouse emissions (GHGs) and mitigate climate change. Mosaic was one of 106 global companies to be named to CDP’s 2017 Climate A List, representing the top 5% of the thousands of companies participating in CDP’s climate change program. The external recognition further validates and motivates our sustainable progress toward our 2020 targets to reduce water and energy use and greenhouse gas emissions by 10% per product tonne.

“Mosaic is part of an elite group of global companies to achieve A List status from CDP– validating the work our employees do every day to increase efficiency and reduce energy use and GHG emissions. We earned this recognition from CDP by working hard, thinking innovatively, and being transparent about our opportunities and challenges openly, both internally and externally,” said Joc O’Rourke, President and Chief Executive Officer. “We should be proud of this accomplishment, but understand that our work doesn’t end here. We still have our eyes set on the targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, energy use and freshwater use by 10 percent per tonne by 2020.”

Mosaic employees’ efforts – small and large – were instrumental in capturing the 2017 award. Among the reasons we were named to the 2017 Climate A List were our site-level efforts to reduce emissions, like installing energy efficient LED lights across the company, including more than 3,000 at Carlsbad; saving energy and GHG emissions by reconfiguring tanks in the flotation process at the Wingate facility; running bulldozers in ECO mode across the Phosphates Segment; and programming underground conveyor belts to shut down when not in use at Esterhazy.